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Hop It is an unconventional way to explore Victoria’s gourmet food and wine regions. 

What’s refreshing about our journeys?

Hop It, Wine Tour Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula

Unlike standard food and wine tours we won’t ever tell you where to go. You choose-your-own-adventure based on our carefully composed bus routes that traverse through the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and The Bellarine.

Simply hop on and hop off wherever your wanderlust leads you. Our journeys go beyond wineries and vineyards. Discover restaurants, breweries, distilleries, hot springs, landmark sights and other artisan producers along the way.

Hop on hop off Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula

Don't follow the pack. 

Want to stay longer at a certain stop? Do it. Want to switch up your chosen destinations at the last minute. Please feel free!

Hop It is designed to be flexible; embrace the freedom of travel by creating your own personal itinerary. You know what else feels liberating? Not having to worry about who’s turn it is to play designated driver. It’s always ours.

Hop It Tours Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley
Hop It Tours, Hop on hop off Yarra Valley
Hop It Tours, Hop on hop off Mornington Peninsula

We believe the most memorable experiences aren’t simply about wining and dining. They’re about meeting the makers and uncovering the stories behind their creations. Hop It delivers you direct to producers’ doorsteps where we’ve nurtured relationships so that they’ll welcome you into their world. You’ll also connect with other hoppers on your route. Our buses are mini (but mighty) and we purposefully only hop with like-minded solo travelers, intrepid couples and small groups of flavour-curious folk. This ensures that you’ll never feel lost in the crowd. 


The story of Hop It’s founders is one of love and wine.

Hop It Founders Sara and Jon

From the Shiraz-soaked vineyards of McLaren Vale, to picking grapes at Steel’s Gate in the Yarra Valley, to honeymooning on a Tuscan wine tour, Sara and Jon’s explorations always seemed to include a glass of the good stuff close at hand.

On a return trip back from one of their adventures, it occurred to Sara and Jon that they could do daytrips better. He had built a multi-faceted career in restaurants, while she has an educational background in tourism. So they combined their affinity for hospitality and travel (and wine, always wine) to create Hop It.


Not only are Sara and Jon the founders of Hop It, but you might even spot them driving our buses around Victoria. They can’t wait to share stories with you along the way while providing custom recommendations and local insights. Not only will thei recommend their favourite latest drop of choice but they're also interested in the latest Netflix shows you're watching and where your next holiday is taking you. You'll always have a great time on the Hop It bus!

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